Students plant for Caddies Creek
Date: 29/7/2011

Last week, students from Rouse Hill High School donned their gloves and took to their shovels to plant approximately 500 trees as part of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day initiative.


With the help of Toolijooa Environmental Restoration, who supplied the trees on the day, the students concentrated their efforts in the Caddies Creek corridor within The New Rouse Hill community, planting trees native to the area.


Ranisha Clarke, Project Director for The New Rouse Hill said the initiative, organised by development partners Lend Lease and GPT, provided the opportunity to partner with students to teach them about their environment, while at the same time making a positive contribution to the regeneration of natural bushland and open community areas.


“The Caddies Creek corridor is a naturally beautiful waterway surrounded by an expansive area of natural bushland that will be enjoyed by residents of The New Rouse Hill, and people living in the surrounding areas.”


“We commenced a revegetation program for Caddies Creek this year that will be ongoing for the next three to five years.  The efforts made by the students from Rouse Hill High School will assist in our revegetation program, which in turn will help to support the wider regeneration efforts of the local Sydney Coastal Plain Woodland and other surrounding ecological communities.”


Each year, Schools Tree Day attracts approximately 2,500 schools across the country looking to make a difference to their immediate and wider environments.  Students learn how to plant and care for seedlings, as well as learn about the importance of environmental care.


The event was made possible through a collaborative effort between The New Rouse Hill project team and Rouse Hill High School teachers and students.


Last year, over 312,000 Australians, including more than 200,000 school children, took to the outdoors to improve their local surroundings.  Tree Day shows children how easy and fun it is to help the environment, with students encouraged to take ownership of the area and pride themselves on its environmental sustainability.


Schools Tree Day can mark the beginning of a long-term environmental program, engaging students in a fun, hands on activity that can reinforce their environmental, math’s, science and creative arts learning, or simply contribute to creating beautiful school grounds.


For more information about Planet Ark’s National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day, visit the website at